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DRC court confirms Tshisekedi winner of disputed presidential election

Announcing the final results of the much-delayed poll, the Constitutional Court said Tshisekedi had won by a simple majority

DRC court to examine election appeal from Tuesday

The Democratic Republic of the Congo's Constitutional Court said it would start hearing on Tuesday an appeal against the presidential election results

Book fair turns the page for literature in Somaliland

The book fair has been a key factor in Somaliland's embrace of literature

Somalia on the brink of famine

Once again, the lethal combination of drought and conflict is setting the course for a major crisis

British village still silent on shipwreck looting

A year on since a shipwreck off the English south coast, locals are still revelling in their wild days of frenzied pillaging. But they are keeping mum on who grabbed the best plunder. The carcass of the MSC Napoli cargo ship is still visible through the sea fog off the coast of Branscombe, a picturesque village on the Devon coastline.

Experts battle disaster from stricken freighter

British experts battled on Monday to prevent an ecological disaster by offloading about 3 500 tonnes of fuel oil in a stricken container ship beached off the English south coast. While scavengers began pillaging containers washed up on the beach, operations were also under way to clean up some of the 200 tonnes of lighter fuel that has already started to leak.

Rushdie remains critic of fundamentalist Islam

More than 17 years after Iran's late spiritual leader Ruhollah Khomeini launched a fatwa against him, British writer Salman Rushdie remains firm in his criticism of fundamentalist sects of Islam, fearing they will make the West surrender its values. ''We're all living under a fatwa now,'' the 60-year-old author, who is of Indian origin, declared last week in a long, open interview with the British daily the Independent.

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