Damian Carrington

Global warming study raises the steaks

Latest research shows that eating less red meat would have a greater impact in cutting carbon emissions than giving up cars.

Discovery of new species born to die

Amazing previously undocumented creatures found in the Greater Mekong area are under threat because of uncontrolled human expansion.

Philosopher’s tears for climate fears

Global warming is the chief suspect in the case of the ever-worsening, ever-deadlier typhoons.

Poison ban is good for bees

Europe has banned widely used pesticides in a bid to save pollinators and boost food production.

Australia’s severe weather to intensify, says report

The heatwaves, flooding and bush fires striking Australia have already been intensified by climate change and are set to get worse, says a new report.

Melting ice is Earth’s warning signal, and we cannot ignore it

Ice is the white flag being waved by our planet, under fire from the atmospheric attack being mounted by humanity.

Scientists warn melting Arctic ice releases banned toxins

An unknown amount of trapped persistent organics pollutants trapped in ice, poses a threat to marine life and humans as temperatures increase.

Industrial giants cash in on carbon

Some of Europe's largest industrial companies gained billions of euros from the carbon-emission rules they lobbied fiercely against.

Calculating the human factor

Scientists have found that global warming makes floods between two and three times more likely.

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