Daniel Gallan

Test cricket is dead, but not for the eager Proteas

Even before the demise of this format of the game was predicted, the women’s team had little opportunity to experience and enjoy it

Path to the Proteas is strewn with thorny issues

In the first of a two-part series about the journey to become a member of the women’s senior national cricket team, the various challenges of development at school level are explored

Russia sanctions reveal sport’s hypocrisy

Whatever the outcome in Ukraine, a thread has been tugged, unravelling sport’s entanglement with geopolitics.

Can Test cricket be saved from the Big Three?

Test cricket is broken because India, England and Australia, who dominate the format, eat alone at the main table while other Test-playing nations compete for crumbs. Can the World Test Championship change this?

Coronavirus and the virtual sports revolution

In a country with more than 35 000 Covid-19-related deaths at the time of writing and an economy staring into an uncertain abyss, the fate...

When SA cricket went right, Wayne Parnell went left

The former Proteas bowler set the scene alight when he was introduced to international cricket. But now he is essentially a freelancer

What it means to be a black Springbok

"Manana hopes that the book will help shine a revealing light on the Rainbow Nation narrative that still desperately clings to the Springboks"

Caster runs into trouble again

A new study says higher testosterone levels give women athletes advantage

​Regarding the white male gaze in South African photography

How does a person place himself in the current South African discourse when he is young, white and male? As someone who ticks all...

Proteas must all bloom to steal show

For SA to lift the trophy, the efforts of the whole team and not just the star players will be needed

Should men be included in the conversation about rape and women abuse?

It might placate the gender wars if a reconciliatory approach to healing is adopted

Banyana captain earns her stripes in the US

The South African defender is determined to leave her mark and adjust to her new life.

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