David Ljunggren

Canada denies access to Prism but admits to monitoring phone traffic

Canada has denied access to a US spy programme but officials say the nation's intelligence agency is monitoring foreign phone and internet traffic.

G8 leaders keep pressure on Iran, North Korea

The Group of Eight rich nations urged Iran and North Korea on Saturday to step back from moves that threaten international security.

Champagne on ice for JZ

Prosecutors staged a surprise comeback this week in their battle with the National Prosecuting Authority's chiefs over charges against Jacob Zuma.

Eyes turn to G20 summit for response to crisis

Sprinklings of positive data suggested the first pieces of a recovery puzzle may be fitting together for the global economy.

Canada dismisses pressure over Guantánamo inmate

Canada says it will not press for the return of a young Canadian inmate held at Guantánamo Bay despite video footage that showed him weeping.

‘Kill me,’ moans young Guantánamo inmate

Omar Khadr, the only Western prisoner still held at Guantánamo Bay, broke down and wept when questioned by Canadian interrogators.

Big polluters agree ‘deep’ emissions cuts needed

The world's biggest polluters agreed on Wednesday on the need for deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, but held back from setting specific targets.

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