Decca Aitkenhead

Spend, spend, spend … it is the only way out of the depression

Author Paul Krugman says ending this recession should be easy but we seem to be making it painful, writes Decca Aitkenhead.

Meet Jesus, the bisexual drug addict

Controversial novelist James Frey talks to <b>Decca Aitkenhead</b> about truth, fiction and his new book <i>The Final Testament of the Holy Bible</i>.

Less than the legend

From hero of the left to neocon and still battling on. <b>Christopher Hitchens</b> talks to <b>Decca Aitkenhead</b> about his new memoir.

Science is losing to religion

In Richard Dawkins's view, there is a battle taking place in UK between the forces of reason and religious fundamentalism, and it is far from won.

‘People do stupid things, that’s what spreads HIV’

When Elizabeth Pisani began her career as an HIV epidemiologist, fewer than 1,5-million cases of HIV/Aids had been reported across the world. Within a year, by the end of 1997, 30-million people were estimated to be infected with HIV. As Pisani wrote in her first report for World Aids Day, that meant one in every 100 sexually active adults aged between 15 and 49 worldwide.

‘For eight minutes we sat there, waiting for him to die’

Eric Allen Patton stabbed his victim to death with a set of knives, a barbecue fork and a pair of kitchen scissors. She was Charlene Kauer, a white, middle-aged businesswoman from Oklahoma City who had once hired him as a handyman. He was a black labourer in his 30s, with a long record for violent burglary.

Getting it on

Today's young worship the logo, so condom manufacturers need to persuade them to wear their product

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