Dick Forslund

Tito needs the IMF, South Africa doesn’t

The IMF loan is given with false motivation — to provide political cover for entrenched neoliberalism and deep cuts in the public service

World Bank finds itself in a Gini fix

The institution has tried to minimise income inequality in South Africa, with ludicrous results, writes Dick Forslund.

SA has lost out on R180bn in forfeited taxes

The most important tax cuts took place between 2000 and 2005, not in the 1980s, writes Dick Forslund.

Wage gap kept wide open by top echelons

Section 27 of the Employment Equity Act has been largely ignored since 1998, even by Cosatu, write Dick Forslund and Jeff Rudin.

Facts belie the hype about labour costs

Unless reliable, quantifiable data is publicly available, reports cannot be taken seriously, writes Brian Ashley and Dick Forslund.

Thumb-sucked wage statistics not useful in jobs row

The Occupy movement continues to spread, amid growing outrage at the "1%" of people whose wealth allows them to dominate the world.

Better wages are good for the economy

Higher wages for South African workers cannot be justified. That is the only conclusion to be drawn from the media onslaught.

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