Dina Kyriakidou

Greek parties set for more wrangling

Greek leaders were beginning a second day of talks and behind-the-scenes wrangling on Sunday to break a political deadlock.

Greek PM on brink as anxious world watches eurozone

Greece's government has backed out of a proposed referendum on staying in the euro, while European leaders moot Greek exit from the eurozone currency.

Greece’s government ‘won’t survive the night’

The Greek government is on the verge of collapse as outrage over plans for a referendum on a eurozone bailout rips through the beleaguered country.

Greece referendum threatens new eurozone crisis

George Papandreou's shock announcement that he will put Greece's bailout to a referendum has threatened to intensify the eurozone crisis.

Europe hastens to build up debt crisis defences

European policymakers are quickening their preparations to cope with an escalation of the region's debt crisis.

Greek govt survives vote as it battles to avert bankruptcy

Greece's government will approve its new austerity package on Wednesday after it survived a confidence vote.

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