Lefteris Papadimas

Greek proposal ‘good basis for progress’

EU officials worked late into the night on Sunday to produce a deal ahead of a summit of leaders that they hope can keep Greece in the currency bloc.

Greece looks to Brussels for much-needed funding

Greece's Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has headed to Brussels to fight for the aid Athens needs to avoid bankruptcy.

Greek leaders struggle to agree on new premier

Under pressure from the EU to push through a bailout to save their country, Greek party leaders were struggling to agree on a new prime minister.

Greece’s government ‘won’t survive the night’

The Greek government is on the verge of collapse as outrage over plans for a referendum on a eurozone bailout rips through the beleaguered country.

State jobs could be cut during Greek loan talks

Greek officials have held talks with EU and IMF negotiators to free up urgently needed bailout loans.

Greek prime minister fights to avert default

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou faces a confidence vote on Tuesday, a hurdle he must clear to win backing for a new round of spending cuts.

Greeks to ramp up protests, euro hit by contagion fear

Greece is likely to grind to a halt on Wednesday as protests intensify against draconian measures to secure financial aid.

Greece promised rescue package, but investors wary

European nations aim to formally launch the biggest financial bail-out of a country this week and hope it will bring calm to the markets.

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