Alastair Macdonald

Greek proposal ‘good basis for progress’

EU officials worked late into the night on Sunday to produce a deal ahead of a summit of leaders that they hope can keep Greece in the currency bloc.

Ukraine accuses Russia of deadly clashes

Ukrainian authorities accused Russia of provoking a fatal gunfight in the eastern city of Kharkiv overnight.

Egypt: But is it a coup?

The UN has been left to ponder the validity of the ouster of Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi, while the West considers placing sanctions on aid.

Egypt’s Morsi, army pledge their lives to the ‘final hours’

Egypt's army commander and president has each pledged his life to defy the other as the hour approached that would trigger a military takeover.

How to oust a president (again), Egyptian-style

After 18 days of mass protests in 2011, Egyptians succeeded in ousting a president they were unhappy with. Can they do it again this weekend?

April Fool becomes yet another marketing gimmick

The April Fool is dead. Or at least the gentle jester of the common folk has been converted into a corporate colossus controlled by marketing execs.

Thousands flood Tahrir Square in protest as Egypt awaits results

Protesters filled Cairo's Tahrir Square for Friday prayers as Egypt's presidential candidates accused each other of trying to steal elections.

Protesters rage against Egypt military’s ‘hollow gesture’

Egypt's army chief has promised a swifter handover to civilian rule but failed to convince thousands of demonstrators who are battling police.

Libya’s tug-of-war over al-Islam a test for new government

Abdullah al-Senussi and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's capture poses a challenge for the NTC who must deal with cries for blood and appeals for a fair trial.

Fearing Libya vacuum, urgency placed on rapid vote

Libya's war-time rebel prime minister says his country faces a dangerous power vacuum where foreign powers may exploit rival militias on the streets.

Libyan leaders downplay violent disputes

Despite continued gunfire and explosions near Tripoli, Libyan officials and fighters say a bloody local dispute has been resolved.

Muslim feast a time of joy for Libyans, but not in Sirte

In the Libyan town of Sirte, the hometown where Muammar Gaddafi met his end, the mood was grim on the eve of one of Islam's greatest festivals.

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