Drew Forrest

Stalin’s reign of terror foreshadows Putin’s hold on Russia

Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine has accelerated Russia’s slide towards totalitarian rule.

OPINION | Putin is steeped in Stalin’s pitiless violence

The Russian leader has brought with him from the Soviet era the belief that might is right and that the individual can be sacrificed to the gods of ideology

St Paul: A heavy cross to bear

St Paul’s doctrinal legacy includes antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia and the divine right of kings. Thankfully, there is another tradition, personified by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Ukraine: SA’s feeble response betrays its own history

Aggressive, as opposed to defensive, warfare is a violation of international law. It is this that was used to condemn the apartheid South African Defence Force’s incursions into Angola

The battle over Cuito Cuanavale still rages

This year marks the 35th anniversary of apartheid SA’s watershed encounter in Angola — yet triumphalism at both ends of the spectrum still clouds the battle’s outcome and meaning

‘A weird new sort of fascism’

‘Trans-exclusionary’ views are not unlawful. So what gives self-appointed enforcers the right to police what can and cannot be said about transgender people?

The harrying of Kathleen Stock

The bitterly polarised controversy over the status of transgender people has spawned attacks on freedom of thought and speech at British and South African universities

The state continues to deny South Africans their ‘last right’ – euthanasia

Once again the issue of voluntary euthanasia is before the courts, and once again the state is trying to hold back the inevitable

Lesotho’s litany of unsolved political murders

Violent deaths include that of former LDF commander Maaparankoe Mahao and the killing of a senior police officer during an alleged coup attempt.

Arms deal gets a coat of whitewash

Few foresaw just how comprehensively the Seriti commission's report bleaches out the slightest taint of government wrongdoing, writes Drew Forrest.

Stop the titanium death dunes

Only one sure way to restore peace and security to Xolobeni: the government must set its face against mining - and soon.

Gupta ties are Zuma’s undoing

Opinion: Of most concern to the ANC is the matter of sovereignty: some members have said that leaders no longer answer to them, writes Drew Forrest.

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