Duduzile Mathebula

A story of love and perseverance

John Kani's <i>Nothing but the Truth</i> contains powerful social commentary.

The changing face of suicide

"The one who kills himself is never cried for". This adage comes from a Sotho phrase -- <i>Moipolai ha a llelwe</i>.

Post-strike exam woes for matriculants

The strike may be over but the anxiety has only just begun for matric students. We talk to pupils from public and private schools.

Polishing rough diamonds

"When you hear these young musicians playing, you can take your hat off and say: 'Thanks, O Lord, the future is taken care of."

Strong focus on African development

Master's programme in finance stresses finding local solutions to the continent's problems.

Easing into e-books

The development of the Amazon Kindle -- now in its third generation -- has sparked the digital publishing world.

Talk of violence played down, but security is tight

South African authorities might be denying a xenophobic upsurge in the wake of the World Cup, but they are taking no chances.

‘Rigid’ BEE in the balance

Though some analysts argue for policy to be relaxed, others say economic benefits are taking too long to filter through.

We love you, South Africa

World Cup tourists give the country the thumbs up but public transport is a major gripe.

Green, cellular and safe

Most innovative environmental strategy award, commendation: <b>Afrox</b>.

World Cup visitors: Not all doom and gloom

There's no need to be downbeat -- the expected tourist flood to SA for the World Cup hasn't materialised but South Africans can reap the benefits.

An intimate question

A local production of <i>The Vagina Monologues</i> asks women to confront their attitudes to their bodies.

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