A critical link in the chain

THE image of schools making their own decisions, raising their own funds, and functioning as thriving community centres is a wonderful one. But how...

Forging an SA identity

WITH the memories (and scars) of apartheid still so strong, most of us flinch at notions of loyalty and nationhood. Loyalty to what? Should...

A fond farewell to you all

LITTLE is being done to help teachers develop a culture of human rights in their classrooms, a culture that will ultimately determine the success...

Editorial: Making our mark

The ANC is still closest to the newspaper's core values of constitutionalism, social democracy and non-racialism.

Don’t sell out a proud legacy

The Mail and Guardian this week takes the extraordinary step of figuratively nailing its colours to the mast.

This must be probed

South Africans have cause for the gravest possible misgivings about the labyrinthine oil deal exposed in this edition of the <i>Mail & Guardian</i>. If it had panned out as projected, the deal would have held major benefits for South Africa.

Targeting the big bucks

The Mail & Guardian has consistently supported the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) as a vital service to the truth about South Africa's past. But the TRC was premised on the idea of exorcising historical abuses as a foundation for a just, non-racial future.

A test of integrity looms

Let us also be clear that, as of now, there is no proof of wrongdoing on the arms deal by any current or former member of the ruling party.

Editorial: Yes, Mbeki’s ANC is fit to rule

The African National Congress has made a contribution second to none in creating and safeguarding the political peace in South Africa.

Editorial: Cast your vote for change

The ANC is the only party that has thrown its weight behind reconstruction and development, and has an extensive plan to achieve it.

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