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German workers kidnapped in Nigeria to be freed

The main militant group in Nigeria said on Thursday that two German workers kidnapped more than a month ago will be freed.

Rights group: 800 000 have been evicted in Abuja

A human rights group said on Thursday that 800 000 residents of the Nigerian capital, Abuja, were forcibly evicted over a four-year period as town planners sought to clear space for the fast-growing city. The Swiss-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions said that many of those removed were not given due notice.

Nigeria militants claim another oil-pipeline bombing

The main militant group behind a string of recent attacks in Nigeria's southern oil region said on Friday it had sabotaged another pipeline. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta said its fighters hit a pipeline late on Thursday in southern Rivers State -- bringing to four the number of pipelines the group has reportedly hit in the past week.

Nigerian militant group announces end to ceasefire

A Nigerian militant group whose attacks have slashed crude production in Africa's oil giant apparently announced an end to its voluntary ceasefire and vowed a fresh campaign of violence in the restive southern region.

Gunmen occupy oil installation in Nigeria

Unidentified gunmen have occupied an oil pipeline-switching centre in Nigeria and are preventing local security forces from leaving, company officials said on Monday. About two dozen Nigerian workers and soldiers are being held after the attack on Sunday on a flow station in southern Bayelsa state, Italian energy giant Eni Spa said in a statement. No injuries were reported, it said.

Nigerian police say at least 21 dead in poll violence

Nigeria's national police chief called for calm on Sunday as he announced that preliminary figures showed 21 people were killed in violence during state elections meant to boost civilian rule and stability. Nigeria's private daily newspapers reported much higher death tolls.

Captors release nine Chinese oil workers in Nigeria

Hostage takers in Nigeria released nine Chinese oil-worker captives, officials said on Sunday, amid rising violence in Africa's biggest petroleum producer. More than two dozen other foreigners were still being held in Nigeria's southern oil-pumping region, after weeks of stepped-up attacks in the restive region.

Abducted S Korean oil workers released in Nigeria

Nine South Korean pipeline workers kidnapped in Nigeria's restive southern oil region have been released, officials said. The nine Koreans and one Nigerian kidnapped on Wednesday were freed on Friday with the help of an unarmed neighbourhood-watch group and no ransom was paid, a Bayelsa state spokesperson said.

DRC’s colonial-era statues wait in graveyard

Up a hill, inside the heavily guarded compound of a former Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) dictator, lies a graveyard of Belgian colonial-era statuary. A horse-mounted King Leopold II is stashed under a tree and explorer Henry Morton Stanley lies on his back in the dust, knocked off his pedestal.

DRC makes a new beginning

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) held its first multiparty election in more than four decades on Sunday, a colossal democratic exercise many hope will secure an end to years of fighting and corrupt rule that have devastated this gigantic, mineral-rich nation in the heart of Africa.

UN: Militia groups to down arms ahead of DRC elections

Three main militia groups in a strife-torn eastern province have agreed to lay down their arms ahead of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) historic elections this weekend, the United Nations said on Thursday, offering a glimmer of hope on the same day that violence at a campaign rally underlined tensions in this vast nation.

EU blacklist highlights trouble in African skies

Russian-speaking pilots sat coolly behind locked cockpit doors, unaware of the failed air conditioning in the passenger-packed cabin of their geriatric aircraft as it sat on a sun-baked African runway. Weasua Air Transport, the Liberian operator of that jet-prop aircraft, was among 92 airlines banned on Wednesday from European airspace due to safety concerns.

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