Emily Bell

What are Facebook and other social media doing about Donald Trump?

US presidential candidate is using TV coverage and the power of the social web to publicise his campaign.

Twitter’s change of heart is about money, not responsibility

It needs to be a nicer place, for the sake of its share price if not its role in the public sphere.

‘Robot’ news reporter tells a grim story

The ramifications of algorithms turning data into words rings warning bells for the news industry, writes Emily Bell.

Tabloid battle hots up in New York

Former <em>News of the World</em> editor, Colin Myler, has taken over at the <em>New York Daily News</em>.

Why integration can be a barrier in the digital world

Although some integrated news rooms and sales forces are effective, progress is often quicker where digital is kept apart.

Google’s news upsets media boffins

It was an employee at the WPP advertising business who so succinctly categorised Google, the search engine, as a "frenemy". Nowhere is this ambiguous status more obvious than in the search engine's relationship with newspapers. Google's draining of the online ad market through the organisation of other people's content infuriates the media, yet the power of the search engine to refer traffic to your website is undeniable.

Oh, for the love of boys

When it became obvious that I was pregnant for the third time, one question predominated. Not the pertinent, ''What were you thinking?'', but, because we had two boys already, the more polite, ''Are you hoping for a girl?'' I wondered whether, if I had two girls instead of boys, people would have felt so readily able to say, ''Are you hoping for a son?''

The myth of Satan’s web

When businesses play the paedophile card, whether it is Microsoft or the News of the World, it always leaves a scintilla of suspicion lurking in the minds of those more cynical than Carol Vorderman. Even more so when Gillian Kent, of MSN UK, managed to slip in two mentions of Microsoft's Messenger service, during an interview on the Today programme.

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