Emma Ross-Thomas

Iraq conference looks at tensions on Turkey border

Turkey stepped up pressure on the United States to help curb attacks by Kurdish rebels from northern Iraq as a conference on Saturday of Iraq's neighbours and major powers sought to lower cross-border tensions. The ''neighbours' conference'', hosted by Turkey, was meant to focus on security inside Iraq but instead it is overshadowed by tensions between Turkey and Iraq.

Quake-prone Istanbul awaits disaster

As the magnitude of an earthquake in a television advert gradually mounts, the stone letters ''Istanbul'' crack and then crumble to dust. If it seems alarmist, builder Cuneyt Kilic, whose company AKS Anatolian Housing is behind the graphic depicting the collapse of Turkey's largest city, says it is merely realistic.

Istanbul launches mock quake exercise

Earthquake-prone Istanbul launched a major disaster simulation on Tuesday, after two small tremors reignited criticism that not enough has been done to protect the city of 12-million. Almost 18 000 people were killed in 1999 when a strong earthquake hit north-western Turkey, including Istanbul.

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