Eric Talmadge

Analysts claim North Korean missiles fake

Analysts say ominous North Korean missiles are fakes and not very convincing ones, casting further doubt on the country's claims of military prowess.

Kim Jong-un hailed as North Korea’s ‘supreme commander’

North Korea has vowed to uphold with 'blood and tears' Kim Jong-il's son as 'supreme commander' as the country prepares him to be its leader.

Neighbours watch as North Korea readies rocket

Never before have North Korea's neighbours been so ready for the unpredictable communist nation to test its rocket technology.

Chinese-dominated Asian Games ‘put Qatar on map’

There was doping. There was a death. There were more medals and more countries than ever before. And there was no stopping the Chinese. Tiny Qatar's effort to prove that the Arab world is ready to host the Olympics came to a close on Friday as the 15-day Asian Games wrapped up.

Nagasaki prepares for 60th anniversary of bombing

On the eve of the anniversary on Tuesday of Nagasaki's devastation 60 years ago by the ''Fat Man'' atomic bomb, a steady stream of tourists flowed past the horrific exhibits at the city's memorial museum. There is a clock, its glass smashed and bent hands frozen at exactly 11:02, the moment of the blast.

Death is no easy matter in Japan

Hidenobu Murakawa stops his tour for a moment and apologises for the interruption. It's the midday crunch, and he doesn't want to disturb the bereaved. The crematorium is his pride and joy, and performs 15 000 cremations each year. With precious little space left in Japan for traditional graves, innovation has become important.

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