Evelyn Groenink

Hani: Holes in the evidence

In this extract from Incorruptible, Evelyn Groenink looks into the murder of Chris Hani in 1993

How to kill a school teacher

​In this extract from Incorruptible, Evelyn Groenink looks into the mysterious death of Dulcie September in 1988

With this bling, I thee wed

In one of SA's poorest provinces the upper-crust whoops it up in an orgy of excess at the lavish 'wedding of the year'.

A building block to make Zuma’s legacy great

Besides being oppressive and wrong, the targeting of individuals, instead of targeting crime itself, fails to achieve a credible crime-fighting result

Arms deal: ‘Ministers got millions’

German prosecutors believe Tony Georgiadis, the shipping tycoon regarded as close to President Thabo Mbeki, helped channel millions of dollars in arms deal bribes to ''South African officials and Cabinet members''. The allegation is contained in a request for legal assistance.

The musketeers who bought the jets

It wasn't just defence minister Joe Modise who, after being wined and dined by British Aerospace in the early Nineties, pushed through a deal for Hawk jets that South Africa could ill afford. In this endeavour he was supported by two white South Africans, Ron Haywood and Llew Swan. How these three got together is still not entirely clear.

Arms deal: Who got R1bn in pay-offs?

Explosive new allegations of dirty money and influence-buying at the heart of South Africa's multibillion-rand arms deal have emerged from a British investigation of BAE Systems, the defence conglomerate that secured a R30-billion South African order for Hawk jet trainers and Gripen fighters. The United Kingdom's Serious Fraud Office has asked for legal assistance from South African authorities.

Shadow over DRC poll

With just over a week to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) first democratic vote since independence, fears of possible chaos have increased after four people were killed last week at an election rally in the country's Nord Kivu province. It follows another incident where seven people were killed at another opposition rally, also in the north-east of the country earlier in the week.

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