Evelyn Leopold
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/ 1 September 2007

Malnutrition in Darfur reaching emergency levels

Malnutrition is on the rise in Darfur as a surge in violence prevents aid workers from reaching more people in need, a senior United Nations official said. Eighteen spot surveys in three Darfur provinces indicated the emergency threshold of 15% of the population suffering from malnutrition had increased to more than 17% in some areas.

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/ 1 August 2007

UN approves 26 000 troops for Darfur

The United Nations Security Council authorised on Tuesday up to 26 000 troops and police for Darfur and approved the use of force to protect civilians in Sudan’s arid western region. Expected to cost more than -billion in the first year, the combined ”hybrid” UN-African Union operation aims to quell violence in Darfur.

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/ 31 July 2007

UN resolution on Darfur troops nears vote

The United Nations Security Council reached broad agreement on a draft resolution to authorise up to 26 000 troops and police for Sudan’s Darfur region, with a vote anticipated this week. Britain and France distributed a fourth revised text late on Monday to be sent to governments of the 15 council members.

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/ 8 June 2007

UN asked to press Sudan to arrest Darfur suspects

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal court asked the United Nations Security Council on Thursday to put pressure on Sudan because of its refusal to hand over two suspects charged with war crimes. The ICC issued arrest warrants in February for Ahmad Harun, a former state minister of interior, and Ali Kushayb, a militia leader.