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Pakistani police comb Karachi as death toll nears 100

Security forces combed troubled neighbourhoods in Karachi on Saturday in search of gunmen as the death toll from violence rose to 98.

Taliban storm military base in Pakistan

A battle with militants at Pakistan's naval aviation base erupted again after dawn on Monday, with blasts ringing out and choppers hovering overhead.

Militants set fire to Nato tankers in Pakistan

Suspected militants in Pakistan set fire to more than two dozen tankers carrying fuel for Nato troops in Afghanistan on Friday.

UN fears for children as Pakistan floods threaten towns

Flood waters threatened to engulf two towns in southern Pakistan on Saturday, a month after the disaster began.

Pakistanis stream out of town as flood spreads

Thousands of people fled on Friday from the southern Pakistani town of Thatta after the swollen Indus river burst its banks.

UN warns of second wave of Pakistani flood deaths

The United Nations on Wednesday warned of a second wave of deaths from floods in Pakistan unless help arrives soon.

Pakistan troops evacuate thousands in flood disaster

Pakistani troops, spearheading relief efforts in the worst floods in 80 years, evacuated several thousand people in two provinces overnight.

Pakistan’s Sindh on high alert for floods

Districts in Pakistan's Sindh province were on high alert on Saturday for floods which have devastated other parts of the country.

Thousands rally as Bhutto party relaunches poll bid

To chants of ''Democracy is the best revenge'', tens of thousands of Benazir Bhutto's followers rallied in southern Pakistan on Saturday as her party relaunched an election campaign derailed by her assassination. About 2 000 police and hundreds of private armed security guards from Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party secured the venue.

Pakistan in crisis as Bhutto is buried

Benazir Bhutto was laid to rest next to her father in the family mausoleum on Friday after the opposition leader's assassination plunged Pakistan into crisis and triggered violent protests across her native Sindh province. Thousands of mourners wept as Bhutto was carried from her ancestral home in Sindh to the mausoleum.

Bhutto says some madrasas groom killers

Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto said on Sunday some religious schools were turning children into killers. Speaking to about 25 000 supporters near her ancestral home in the southern town of Larkana, she also renewed accusations the government had done nothing to stop militant violence.

Mosque siege: Plea to send out dead, wounded

Religious scholars gathered outside a besieged Pakistani mosque on Monday, asking Islamist militants to send out dead and wounded along with women and children, a day after authorities gave "a final warning" to surrender.

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