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Gary Younge

The inspector talks

He is an unlikely public figure, a quiet man whose hobbies include preparing Swedish fish dishes — but for a few months, the world hung on his every word. So could Hans Blix have done anything to stop the war?

McCarthy’s ghost

It's drive time with WABC's rightwing talkshow host, Curtis Sliwa, and Bill is on the line from the Poconos in Pennsylvania with a tale so funny he can hardly share it for giggling.

Allies split over new resolution

The United States and Britain offered conflicting predictions in the second week of March about the chances of winning a majority in the United Nations Security Council for a new resolution on Iraq.

SADC region attracts foreign investors

The lure of rich natural resources proves too good to resist on the subcontinent. A dramatic improvement has taken place in the investment climate in Southern Africa in the past two years, according to a recent report by the BusinessMap Foundation on investment in the South African Development Community

No dispute … no doubt the storm is coming

There was a reverent hush in the UN Security Council chamber as members gathered to hear the weapons inspectors' reports on Iraq. Outside, protesters waved placards insisting ''No blood for oil''. Inside there was a more tempered atmosphere.

US: ‘Iraq is spying on the inspectors’

The United States has evidence of an orchestrated Iraqi attempt to spy on United Nations weapons inspectors using hidden microphones and agents, allowing Baghdad to stay one step ahead of the search for banned weapons, US sources said this week.

Hip-hop cops on the beat

The New York Police Department has created a special hip-hop division, writes Gary Younge.

The UN is still on the Iraqi sidelines

When Yemen voted against attacking Iraq in 1990, the United States government described its vote as ''the most expensive 'no' in history''. Yemen may have been a member of the UN Security Council, but its diplomatic rights were no match for the dollar's might.

Fast car changes pace

Tracy Chapman became a worldwide star after appearing at Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday concert in 1988. What became of the girl who was talking about revolution? Gary Younge finds out.

Why Nelson Mandela is angry

Say what you like about Nelson Mandela, but he is not a man known to bear a grudge or lose his temper easily.

The risk taker

One of America's foremost writers and intellectuals, Susan Sontag's outspoken stance on the US response to the September 11 attacks has led to fierce criticism. Despite recurring cancer, her energy is formidable

Forget the score, Mandela was the winner

Over the moon! Guardian reporter Gary Younge witnesses South Africa beating Zambia at football and finds there really is a place for politics in sport

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