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Gary Younge

Grand liberalism lost in Obama’s lousy speech

Barack Obama's State of the Union address pulled no punches when it came to issues, but it was a laundry list lacking emotion

Deep Read: Obama win more impressive than 2008

The euphoria of 2008 has gone, but the US president's second win is remarkable precisely because it is not as symbolic, writes Gary Younge.

Struggling whites are more likely to follow Republicans blindly

Studies show that Americans believe the economy is important, but they largely still vote according to race and class. Gary Younge reports.

Obama ends in poll position

A global poll for the BBC World Service has revealed that 20 out of 21 countries preferred Barack Obama to his challenger.

Romney down but not out

Barack Obama may have had the upper hand in the latest presidential debate, but the real loser was politics, writes Gary Younge.

Chicago: No sweet home Obama

When people go out in Chicago, it transpires, they are more likely to get shot. The murder rate for the first half of the year was up by 38%.

In the theatre of politics, Romney needs new lines

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's chief weakness is that he sounds like a chief executive.

Obama will survive Democrat defeat

Organised labour has learnt a valuable lesson in its challenge against Wisconsin's Republican governor Scott Walker, writes Gary Younge.

Hypocrisy undermines US interests

United States' citizens acting at the behest of their country have shown an alarming pattern of despicable behaviour, including torture.

A tragedy shaped by narcissism

America's response to the 9/11 attacks was -- and remains -- wrong in almost every respect.

The narcissism of 9/11

The decade since the terror attacks in the US has been filled with needless destruction -- but no revenge.

UK riots were political. They were looting, not shoplifting

The riots cannot be explained by criminality or deprivation alone. But they were unwise and failed to advance any cause.

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