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Gary Younge

Apocalypse then — and now

If the United States government goes into default, it will be because it won't pay its bills.

Obama rules roost in Europe

In his book, <i>Audacity of Hope</i>, US President Barack Obama described himself as a Rorschach test.

American right trapped in a hyperbolic and dysfunctional world

To have credibility within the Republican party is to have none outside it. They act as if all their Kool-Aid has been spiked.

For white Americans, things aren’t what they used to be

Pity George Bush. Scanning eight years of calamity for the lowest point in his presidency could not have been easy.

The Tea Party is merely old whine in new bottles

This incoherent group has no leaders, no policies, no headquarters. It is held together by Fox TV and big money.

Obama was never going to have room to effect radical change

The US electorate's mistake was to believe that transformation was something you could impart to a higher power.

Republicans stomp on the middle class

But amid all the political weirdness, the middle and working classes aren't putting up a fight

The West owes Haiti a bail-out

The Caribbean nation should be reimbursed for centuries of punitive treatment and brutality by the outside world.

The war on terror has been about scaring people

The ease with which the plane bomber could operate exposes the vacuity and recklessness at the heart of the US response to 9/11

Smalltown America’s growing voice of rage

In poorer, isolated towns the right-wing protest movement is flourishing. Republicans as well as Obama must take note.

Obama has shown that meaningful change can happen

It is still too early for concrete results, though. And those responsible for electing Barack Obama are hurting the most.

The system let Obama be president. But he may not beat it

Even if he is pushing the United States in the right direction, it is unlikely to be far or fast enough in a political culture resisting reform.

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