Gavin Mcowan

Jamaica’s jolly green graceland

Ingredients brought from the land to the table make outdoor dining in the Land of Wood and Water an organic privilege.

Escape to Eden in Jamaica

A trip to the island doesn't have to mean hiding away in a resort. <b>Gavin McOwan</b> and family hang out on tropical beaches in a quiet corner.

Salvador, Brazil’s real party capital

<b>Gavin McOwan</b> joins the revels in Salvador, the country's - and possibly the world's - hottest spot to feel the samba rhythm

Romancing the cicchetti

Forget the tourist traps in Venice: the best way to eat in the floating city is to find its back-street bacari, writes Gavin McOwan.

Running with the pack

Madrid, Milan, Valencia, Porto, and Roma: you can't beat Europe for the big football match atmosphere and one of sport's greatest occasions. Now that footie season is upon us, <i>Escape</i> scouts the cities that will host the season's glamour games.

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