Gaye Davis

In Lusaka, wary exiles dared to hope

Elation was tempered by fear and the sense that the unbanning was real came only when Mandela was released.

Kriel shot in back, says pathologist

Ashley Kriel was shot in the back at point-blank range, according to an autopsy report by a private pathologist.

School boycotts flare

Thousands of Western Cape students stayed away from school yesterday in widespread action not seen in the region since the '85 class boycotts.

Tension soars as police swoop on Cape Town shacks

Inside KTC, residents told the Weekly Mail how police and kitskonstabels had entered and searched their homes yesterday morning.

There’s much more to Cape Town than Clifton

Gaye Davis advises on the Cape Town that lies outside the tourist traps

Reasons why I had to leave

Gaye Davis spoke to Rhoda Kadalie about the frustrations which forced her to resign from the Human Rights Commission.

Magic man still at the top

As Nelson Mandela turns 79 on July 18, Gaye Davis looks back on his past three-and-a- half years at the helm of the government

Is Thabo Mbeki fit to rule?

Thabo Mbeki is the mystery man who looms large in South Africa's future. Gaye Davis spoke to people close to this intensely private personality.

A community united in fear

The discovery of a serial killer in their midst has brought fear and anger to the people of Mitchell's Plain, reports Gaye Davis

Squeak up, comrade, or we’ll tell on you

Prominent Cape activist Vincent Diba has experienced harassment before.

Ramphele takes up the UCT challenge

Dr Mamphela Ramphele has been appointed at the deputy vice-chancellor of UCT.

The baby who’s going back to prison

Detainee Shirley Gunn has her baby back.

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