Gina Doggett
Guest Author
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/ 12 April 2006

Italy faces post-election hangover

Italy nursed a post-election hangover on Wednesday, distressed that centre-left leader Romano Prodi failed to pull off a more emphatic victory and irritated by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s refusal to go quietly. Giancarlo Traverso, an activist for the centre-left Union coalition, said that their camp was ”convinced” that Prodi would be declared the winner in the end.

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/ 17 March 2006

Court to shed light on Milosevic’s death

The United Nations war crimes tribunal was expected on Friday to reveal findings of a forensic analysis carried out to determine whether any poisons were present in Slobodan Milosevic’s body when he died in its custody. The development is eagerly awaited by many of his supporters, who have voiced suspicions that his heart attack was the result of poisoning.

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/ 24 April 2005

Thousands gather as pope is inaugurated

In a ceremony replete with solemnity and joy, Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday accepted the Fisherman’s Ring and woollen pallium symbolising his leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. ”I am not alone,” he said. ”I do not have to carry alone what, in truth, I could never carry alone.”

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/ 7 April 2004

Plot talk on eve of Algerian vote

On the eve of what is shaping up as the most democratic presidential election to date to be held in Algeria, the press and three of the six candidates in the polls on Wednesday accused the incumbent Abdelaziz Bouteflika of plotting to steal the vote. Candidates agree that a first-round victory by Bouteflika would raise suspicions.

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/ 2 January 2001

Democracy no cure-all for Ghana?s economy

GHANA, while poised to consolidate its democracy with the first transfer of power from one civilian president to another since independence, will remain beset by economic woes for some time to come, analysts say. Ghanaians voted this week to elect a successor to President Jerry Rawlings, who must step down after ruling the country, once […]