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A San Francisco man with a knack for numbers has come up with a formula to help United States wine lovers figure out when a vintage is a bargain. QPR Wines compares critic reviews and retail price data to reveal which bottles are steals and which are rip-offs, according to its founder, Neil Monnens.

Apple unveils iPod home stereo

Apple Computer on Tuesday unveiled a new mini-computer designed as a hub for digital entertainment, and a home stereo system linked with its popular iPod music player. The mini-PC is Apple's answer to the so-called digital media hubs that run on Microsoft's Windows Media Centre platform.

‘No such thing as a nice way of killing somebody’

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered California to reformulate the lethal-injection method used to kill condemned inmates, saying the original might be unconstitutionally painful. United States District Judge Jeremy Fogel refused to stop the February 21 execution of Michael Morales in San Quentin State Prison, but ruled it can proceed only if a quick-killing drug cocktail were used.

Google weds e-mail and instant messaging

Google married its e-mail and instant messaging services on Tuesday in a union designed to streamline online communications. The Silicon Valley-based Internet search giant introduced Gmail Chat, which allows users to quickly start instant message conversations with people they are e-mailing.

Google in legal stand-off with US government

A legal stand-off between the United States Justice Department and internet search giant Google has added fuel to an already heated debate over the government's right of access to potentially personal data. Google has decided to oppose a government subpoena to turn over records on millions of its users' search queries.

Google boosted by new classifieds service

United States internet search giant Google saw its stock price surge to new highs on Thursday after launching an online service that challenges classified-advertising sites such as eBay and Craigslist. Google Base is an online service enabling people to advertise freely anything from apartment rentals to used sporting goods.

Google to ‘connect everyone to everyone’

Google really started talking on Wednesday. The internet search titan unleashed Google Talk, an instant messaging program designed to unify the factionalised world of online chat, according Georges Harik, director of ''Googlettes,'' or new products, at the United States company.

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