Graeme Bloch

No easy solutions

It is easy to create a few quick improvements in education --- simply test children's eyesight.

ANC’s education plans: Where are the people?

Why has the role of a mobilised people not been mentioned in the ANC's policy proposals on education, asks Graeme Bloch.

Bureaucracy bogs down progress

The ANC's policy proposals for schools lack the necessary will to address the issues children face, argues Graeme Bloch.

In praise of our teachers

We need to respect and nurture our educators, writes <b>Graeme Bloch</b>.

After the strike: Where to?

Teachers embarking on strike action has a damaging impact on education, writes <b>Graeme Bloch</b>.

Education — from crisis to opportunity

South Africa must face up to the fact that our schools are a national disaster. We desperately need short-term holding operations, immediate improvements and a long-term turnaround plan. In a stagnant society, devoid of hope, poor outcomes wouldn't matter, writes Graeme Bloch.

Celebrating our journey to freedom

Our freedom child is turning 13. We should be proud we've brought her to her teenage years. She's spent a significant part of her life in school. As Finance Minister Trevor Manuel reminded us recently, schools of quality are crucial if “all people's lives have equal worth”.

Where did the left go wrong?

Gender principles and commitments fly through the window, old-fashioned myths on HIV surface. Usually outspoken, Blade Nzimande is reduced to mumbling. Structures remain silent or waffle. Unity is invoked while throats are torn. A strong left is essential. So how have we descended so quickly?

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