Grant Clark
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/ 25 February 2005

‘It is the children who suffer’

The child-support grant was launched in 1998 to assist poor parents and caregivers of children up to the age of seven. To qualify for the grant, rural recipients must earn less than R800 a month and their urban counterparts no more than R1 100. But the social welfare system struggled to get the ball rolling amid accusations of maladministration.

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/ 14 December 2004

Back to the kitchen

They spent years working their way into the boardrooms of some of the country’s top institutions. Now, a group of top professional black women is poised to take over in an arena you’d least expect: the kitchen. Durban-based black economic empowerment group Ayavuna Women’s Investments is the proud new owner of household appliance manufacturer, Defy.

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/ 18 September 2004

Indian president quizzes SA students

South African students at a high school in a township outside Durban were treated to a special science lesson on Friday, delivered by Indian President Abdul Kalam. The Indian statesman later wrapped up his visit — the first ever by a head of state from the subcontinent — by travelling to Chatsworth.

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/ 14 September 2004

Indian president’s ‘pilgrimage’ to SA

They originally came as indentured workers but almost 150 years later, South Africa’s million-plus people of Indian origin have carved out a special place in the country’s political and economic landscape. The community of about 1,2-million people is made up largely of descendants of labourers who worked in sugarcane plantations, most of whom were herded onto ships to South Africa by British colonial rulers.