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South African peacekeepers kidnapped in Darfur

Four South African peacekeepers have been kidnapped in Sudan's Darfur region, in the largest single abduction of foreigners in the war-torn region.

Sudan gears up for controversial polls

Sudan heads to the polls on Sunday for its first multiparty elections in more than two decades.

Challenger to al-Bashir quits Sudan vote

A key Sudanese presidential hopeful has pulled out of April's vote, leaving the way clear for a first-round win by President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan’s capital sways to hip hop

It's hip hop night in Khartoum and the crowd is ready to boogie as the DJ spins his turntable and the rapper from the Darfur belts out lyrics.

Egypt, Algeria vie for Africa’s final World Cup spot

Thousands of Algerian and Egyptian fans have flocked into Khartoum in Sudan ahead of Wednesday's make-or-break World Cup qualification play-off.

Darfur: A new sanctuary for LRA rebels?

Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army are now rumoured to be heading into new terrain in Sudan's troubled Darfur.

South Sudan’s capital a ‘boom town’ in the heart of Africa

The United Nations and international agencies came to Juba after the war, pushing up the price of the little housing that is available.

MSF: New fighting pattern in south Sudan targets to kill

Women and children are being deliberately targeted in ethnic clashes in south Sudan, Médecins sans Frontières said on Thursday.

Sudan tries to contact kidnappers of Darfur aid workers

Sudanese authorities were on Saturday trying to establish contact with kidnappers who snatched two foreign aid workers from their offices in Darfur.

Darfur rebels seize town from Sudan troops

Darfur rebels on Sunday seized the town of Umm Baru near the border with neighbouring Chad from Sudanese soldiers, the UN-African Union Mission said.

Al-Bashir rallies Sudanese ahead of warrant decision

President Omar al-Bashir is seeking to rally the Sudanese people behind him ahead of a decision by the ICC on whether to seek his arrest.

International Polar Year aims to shed light on ends of Earth

Researchers from some 60 countries will try to better understand the Earth's poles in 2007 and the effect of climate change as part of the first "International Polar Year" since the 1950s. The scientific effort, unlike previous undertakings, will be marked by the spectre of global warming and transformed by collaboration with Inuits living in the Arctic.

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