Guillaume Lavallee

Egypt protests draw biggest crowd yet

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded Tahrir Square and towns across Egypt on Tuesday in the biggest show of defiance to Hosni Mubarak.

South Sudan secures mandate to secede

South Sudan won the majority it needs from a landmark vote to become the world's newest state, preliminary figures showed on Thursday.

South Sudan marches towards statehood

South Sudan has won the majority it needs to become the world's newest state with just 60% of results declared from a vote, preliminary figures show.

Sudan’s al-Bashir sets Darfur talks deadline

Sudan will withdraw from Darfur peace talks in Doha and organise its own negotiations if no accord with the rebels is reached soon.

Fighting increases in Darfur ahead of vote

Fighting between the army and Darfur rebel groups is intensifying ahead of a referendum on southern independence that could change the map of Sudan.

UN yet to decide on Sudan reinforcements

The United Nations has not yet decided whether to send more troops to the tense border between north and south Sudan.

Fears of conflict as Sudan heads for partition vote

Fears of renewed conflict haunt the run-up to a southern referendum in January that analysts expect will partition Sudan.

Sudanese miners vie with archaeologists for desert riches

Sudan's Nubian Desert, about 500km north-east of Khartoum, draws thousands of fortune seekers, equipped with water barrels and enough food for weeks.

Warning over south Sudan independence vote

A referendum on south Sudan's independence will be derailed unless the country's electoral commission swiftly resolves a row, a leader has warned.

Sudan media slam the return of censorship

Media censorship and repression have made a comeback in Sudan since the re-election in April of President Omar al-Bashir, say independent papers say.

After Sudan vote, battle for unity begins

A day after polls returned President Omar al-Bashir to power, Sudan on Tuesday turned its attention to forging unity in Africa's largest country.

Victory for al-Bashir expected in landmark Sudan polls

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was headed for a near-certain win on Monday in landmark polls that observers said failed to reach world standards.

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