Guy Faulconbridge

Singer George Michael of Wham! fame dead at 53

Michael, who was half of the pop duo, Wham! has died peacefully at home, according to his publicist.

Early results shows Ukip likely winners of Europe elections

Partial results show the United Kingdom's eurosceptic party has stormed to victory in the European vote with its raised anxiety over immigration.

Cameron calls meeting after suspected terror attack in London

David Cameron has convened an emergency meeting after two extremists hacked a soldier to death with meat cleavers in a south London street.

Thatcher: Loved and loathed

Margaret Thatcher transformed Britain and inspired conservatives around the world by radically rolling back the state during her 11 years in power.

Suu Kyi ready to lead Burma to democracy

Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has announced in Britain that she is prepared to take the helm as the leader of her people.

Europe should ditch euro, says minister who forced UK out

Europe must throw off the burden of the euro if they want their economies to thrive, the UK minister who forced Britain out of the currency has said.

Putin wins Russian presidential election

Vladimir Putin won a resounding victory in Russia's presidential election, exit polls showed, securing a new six-year term in the Kremlin.

Russia’s phone-hacking ‘nothing new’ in blackmail

In a sign that Vladimir Putin's allies may be getting serious about protests, a loyal media outlet has published phone calls of an opposition leader.

Putin ready to return as Russian president

Vladimir Putin declared on Saturday that he planned to reclaim the Russian presidency in an election next March.

Russia, US swap 14 spies in Cold War-style exchange

The biggest spy swap since the end of the Cold War was under way on Friday as Russia and the United States prepared to exchange 14 agents.

Russia says bomber was teenage ‘Black Widow’

The 17-year-old widow of an Islamist militant from the North Caucasus is suspected of blowing herself up in suicide attacks that killed 40 in Moscow.

Russia prepares to halt gas supplies to Ukraine

Russia was preparing to turn off gas deliveries to neighbouring Ukraine on Thursday, raising the spectre of disruptions to European Union supplies.

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