Gwen Ansell

Paradoxes of a primitive 2030

William Gibson’s 11th novel is a gripping read that explores a world of multiple, branching timelines.

Ancillary Justice: Gender-blurred ship’s tale soars

Award-winning debut is a powerful meditation on class, gender, identity and imperial expansionism.

A clever telling of a Fool’s story

It’s Robin Hobb in John le Carré’s territory, in the spy truism and the paralysing miasma of memories.

On your Marx, get set, go

The role and relevance of Marxism to a wide variety of issues – ranging from democracy to the environment – is explored in a new book.

Lost in the gender translation

Pirate, merc and telepath – all female, but some less convincingly so than others, writes Gwen Ansell.

Detective fiction stories tramp a new beat

Book reviews: Fresh contexts for a veteran and a novice result in two very compelling and readable crime thrillers.

A peek through the world of science fiction

Book reviews: Gwen Ansell takes us through four interesting novels.

Cave clans bear up under SF’s stern lens

Shaman explores the boundaries that divide science fiction imagination and history in order to try and explain who we are.

Fall for the decline of an empire

What Newton has come up with will go down well with those who appreciate politics in their fantasy.

FANTASY in brief

Abraham's tale of war and banking in a not-quite-Renaissance empire gathers strength in this, the penultimate volume.

A mission to set the music free

Bassist Mlungisi Gegana pays tribute to ?Johnny Dyani at the Joy of Jazz this weekend.

Gogwana’s connections hardwired to this music

Gogwana's album, Songbook Chapter One, 'documents all the musical building blocks that have made me who I am and reflects the people I have met”.

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