Hamid Shalizi

Thousands of Afghans stage anti-US protest in Kabul

Police fired into the air to disperse thousands of anti-American protesters in Afghanistan's capital on Wednesday.

Kabul ‘under control’ after brazen Taliban assault

Taliban gunmen launched a brazen assault on the centre of Kabul on Monday, with suicide bombers blowing themselves up at several locations.

Suicide bombers, gunmen attack central Kabul

Taliban gunmen, some wearing suicide vests, launched a commando-style assault on government buildings in the centre of Kabul on Monday.

Afghan leader Karzai vows inclusive government

Hamid Karzai vowed to form an inclusive government on Tuesday after warnings from Western supporters he would have to root out corruption.

Karzai declares Afghan election a success

''The Afghan people dared rockets, bombs and intimidation and came out to vote,'' President Hamid Karzai said after polls closed on Thursday.

Bomber targets Western military convoy in Kabul

A suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden car into a Western military convoy in the Afghan capital on Tuesday.

Taliban attacks in Kabul kill dozens

Taliban insurgents attacked two government buildings in Kabul on Wednesday killing at least 19 people, officials said.

Blast at Nato convoy near Kabul airport hurts civilians

A suicide bomber rammed a car into a convoy of Nato forces close to the airport in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, wounding 10 Afghan civilians, a police official said. A spokesperson for the Taliban said the militant Islamic group carried out the attack to ''welcome'' United States Defence Secretary Robert Gates.

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