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Ukraine rebels hand over Malaysian plane’s black boxes

Ukrainian territory separatist leader Aleksander Borodai has given the black boxes of the plane that downed in the area to Malaysian authorities.

‘One last chance’ for Russia to cooperate over flight MH17

Ukraine's government said it had evidence that the missile battery that brought down a Malaysian airliner was manned by three Russian citizens.

Gaddafi flees, vows ‘fight to the end’

A beleaguered Muammar Gaddafi vowed on Wednesday to fight on to death or victory after rebels forced him to abandon his Tripoli stronghold.

Heavy casualties reported as Libyan war grinds on

Ten Libyan rebels were reported killed and 172 wounded in an attack on the eastern oil port of Brega on Saturday.

Diaspora doctors return to help Libyan rebels

The Bir Ayad field hospital is in a single room with no electricity in a former roadside café near the front line in Libya's Western mountains.

Rebels face heavy attack as Gaddafi strikes back

Rebel fighters in western Libya faced sustained artillery and rocket bombardment by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi for the fifth day on Saturday.

Western, Arab states pledge more than $1bn to rebels

Nato warplanes pummelled a town west of Libya's capital, state media said soon after Western and Arab powers promised more than $1-billion to rebels.

Dead or alive, I’ll stay in my country, vows Gaddafi

Loud explosions rocked Tripoli early on Wednesday as Nato kept up its heaviest bombing of the the Libyan capital since air strikes began in March.

Nato helicopters raise pressure on Gaddafi

British and French attack helicopters struck inside Libya for the first time overnight on Saturday, hitting targets in the oil port of Brega.

China meets Libya rebels in latest blow to Gaddafi

China made its first confirmed contact with Libyan rebels in the latest setback for Gaddafi, while France has been trying to persuade him to leave.

Libya official quits, cites ‘unbearable’ violence

Libya's top oil official became the latest figure to desert Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday, adding momentum to a revolt against the leader's long rule.

Ireland set for rescue, contagion fears remain

Ireland is poised to become the second eurozone country after Greece to seal a bail out but few expect the rescue to end a deep crisis.

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