Hasan Mansoor

Pakistan’s breadbasket buckles under new flood pressures

Hundreds of thousands of people living on Pakistan's southern fertile plains have seen their homes washed away for a second time in a year.

Killing of newborn babies on the rise in Pakistan

The lifeless bodies of two tiny babies are being given their final bath before burial in Karachi, after they were left to die in the city's dumps.

Flood victims’ protests hamper Pakistan aid efforts

Angry outbursts by flood victims reliant on scarce aid are hampering relief work in Pakistan, the Red Cross has said.

Pakistan warns of new floods

Pakistan faces a critical risk of yet more flooding in the next three days in its fertile southern plains, officials warned on Tuesday.

Flood-stricken Pakistan faces economic catastrophe

Pakistan faces economic catastrophe after the devastating floods that have wiped out farmland and ruined infrastructure.

Looters exploit Pakistan flood misery

Armed bandits are exacerbating the misery of Pakistan's massive floods, stealing cattle and food from survivors, witnesses said on Friday.

UN in aid push for Pakistan as US steps up relief

The United Nations has appealed for $460-million in urgent aid to cope with Pakistan's devastating floods.

Dozens killed in Karachi unrest

Political and ethnic violence erupted in Pakistan's largest city of Karachi after the murder of a lawmaker, killing 45 people.

At least 40 dead in Pakistan slum fire

At least 40 people were killed, more than half of them children, when a fire tore through dozens of homes in Pakistan's largest city Karachi.

Thousands mark end of Bhutto mourning period

Tens of thousands of people beat their chests in anguish at Benazir Bhutto's tomb on Thursday as they marked the end of 40 days of mourning for the slain opposition leader. The solemn Muslim ceremonies at the family mausoleum in southern Pakistan marked the start of campaigning by her Pakistan People's Party for elections on February 18.

Bhutto’s son takes over party mantle

The son of slain Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was chosen on Sunday to take the mantle of her party and immediately vowed to keep up what he called her struggle for democracy. At an emotional news conference where his father was named co-chair of the Pakistan People's Party, 19-year-old Bilawal Bhutto said he was ready to lead.

Pakistan crisis hangs on Bhutto party

Pakistan's political future hung in the balance on Sunday with Benazir Bhutto's party deciding whether to pull out of planned elections amid an acrimonious dispute over how she was killed. Her husband and top party officials were also expected to name a successor to Bhutto as head of the country's largest opposition party.

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