Hazel Ward
Hazel Ward works from Paris, France. Journalist at AFP's Paris bureau. Previously in Jerusalem and London. Usual caveats apply Hazel Ward has over 1817 followers on Twitter.
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/ 8 February 2006

West Bank rabbi: Peace is possible with Hamas

Menahem Froman is one of the few Israelis to have dared sit down with arch-enemy Hamas. But he’s not just any Israeli. He is a Jewish settler and a rabbi who lives in the West Bank. Last month, fear struck deep in the heart of Israel when the radical Islamist movement won a landslide victory in the Palestinian elections.

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/ 16 January 2006

Son sees Sharon blink his eyes

Ariel Sharon blinked his eyes on Monday as a tape of his grandson was being played, but medics treating Israel’s coma-stricken premier said it is too early to assess the significance of the development. Meanwhile, acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was officially named interim chairperson of Sharon’s Kadima party on Monday.