Helena Dolny

From the horse’s mouth

Learning to take up the reins of leadership with confidence can be a unique experience.

Test your 2010 resolutions

Does the outcome fit with your sense of who you really are and how you want to shape your life going forward?

It’s time to shape your life

So where were you at the beginning of the millennium and now, 10 years later, what's happened?

The perils of being ignored

Employees need recognition and fair and accurate feedback to perform at their best.

Breathe in, breathe out

A few simple calming techniques could help to eliminate stress and make you easier to be around.

Steer by your own star

Use your gut feeling as a compass and before you know it your 'to do' list will look more manageable.

Death by PowerPoint

Eiishh. It's not the beeping alarm clock and the thought of leaving the snug nest of blankets on a winter's morning that's causing the pain.

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