Helena Dolny

How a better death starts long before we’re dying

When one man was on his deathbed, his family knew how he wanted to die and could respect that.

Dying with dignity is priceless. Oddly enough, it may also be more cost-effective.

Letting doctors know what type of end-of-life care you’re comfortable with results in a more dignified death and lower hospital costs.

Samuel spoke because of the man who stayed in the shadows

This is a story of a man wrestling with his identity and the pain caused by family secrets

Nation needs to be ready to let Mandela go

A good, peaceful death is as important as a good life and it requires the will of the living to let go.

Leading performance

Good team managers don't have to put in extra time correcting the team's mistakes or covering up for members' shortcomings.

Working with words

I don't like it when people I care for are hurt by careless words. I'm alarmed by what I hear about the poor quality of difficult conversations.

Know your brain power

Maelstrom is the word that comes to mind when some of my clients describe their busy lives, writes <b>Helena Dolny</b>.

Perfect failures, real successes

Mistakes should be seen as opportunities for learning, not for apportioning blame.

Be the person you’d like to be

How long is the rest of anyone's life? We can't know. Death is our only certainty but its timing is uncertain.

Teaching old dogs new tricks

Combining mindfulness training with cognitive behavioural therapy to come up with a regime for treating OCD.

Mind over mass delusion

A book about the dangers of positive thinking may be throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Cowboys and coaches

It's an unregulated profession, so when choosing a coach, make sure he or she has the right training.

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