Hereward Holland

South Sudan officials stole $4-billion

South Sudanese officials have ''stolen'' about -billion of public money and should return it to salvage the nation's reputation, the president said.

South Sudan sees no future in oil infrastructure

South Sudan's oil minister says they will continue to press for a new oil pipeline because they do not see a future in Sudan's oil infrastructure.

Ghana’s gold rush lures Chinese with illicit mines

An increasing number of small mines are owned by Ghanaians on paper but controlled illegally by Chinese entrepreneurs.

Will solar speed up emerging cellphone revolution?

Ugandan handyman Jackson Mawa marvels at the way business has improved since he bought a solar-powered cellphone.

World economic storm hits Uganda safari tourism

As the sky begins to bruise, an indigo haze descends on Uganda's ''mountains of the moon'', and a solitary lioness limps through the savannah.

IMF: Africa can survive global crisis

African governments should continue their development spending plans and draw down foreign exchange reserves to bolster their economies, said the IMF.

Congo rebel chief vows war if no talks with govt

Congolese Tutsi rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda threatened war on Saturday unless DRC's government entered a new round of talks with him.

No let-up in DRC rights violations

Civilians on both sides of the frontlines in eastern DRC are being killed, raped and abducted, human rights campaigners said on Monday.

Nkunda warns Africa not to send troops

Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda said on Monday he would fight African peacekeepers if they backed government troops against him.

Kenya looks to geothermal power to fuel development

For Maasai tribesman Charles Kamami, Kenya's drive to boost its geothermal capacity spells environmental destruction.

Kenya’s nomads feel pain of food price rises

It is tempting to romanticise the lifestyle of nomads in Kenya's north-east -- a land peppered with vast termite mounds which burst from rust-coloured soil like fingers pointing to the cloudless sky. For centuries, Muslim pastoralist tribes have roamed the semi-arid wastelands, in perpetual pursuit of pasture and water.

Kenyan police fire tear gas at protesters

Kenyan police on Tuesday fired tear gas at demonstrators protesting against the proposed size of a coalition government, as pressure mounted on the president and prime minister-designate to name a Cabinet. President Mwai Kibaki and future prime minister Raila Odinga signed a power-sharing deal last month but have been wrangling over who will get key ministries.

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