Hugh Macleod

Falafel kerfuffle

After decades of war, Lebanon and Israel have plenty of tension simmering between them, but the latest source of strife is literally cooking.

Russia gets naval base in the Med

Military cooperation between Moscow and Damascus appears to have taken on a new zeal, writes Hugh Macleod.

Top al-Assad aide assassinated at Syrian resort

The mysterious assassination of a top Syrian army officer and right-hand man to President Bashar al-Assad has triggered intense speculation.

Al-Qaeda link to Algiers bombs

Algeria suffered its worst violence since its long civil war on Wednesday when terrorists affiliated to al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for twin bombings in the capital, Algiers, that killed up to 30 people and wounded more than 100 others. Algerian Prime Minister Abdel-Aziz Belkhadem condemned what he called "cowardly and criminal attacks" after separate blasts at his own office.

Sex traffickers prey on young Baghdadis

Um Ahmad, as she was known to the girls, had it all planned out. From Baghdad to the border and on to Damascus and a new life, Mona and her three Iraqi friends didn't need to worry about a thing. The job in the textiles factory outside the Syrian capital would pay $300 a month.

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