Humphrey Tyler

School of dreams

Magic has been happening in the little country town of Bedford in the Eastern Cape, writes <b>Humphrey Tyler</b>.

Days that shook the world

Sunday is the 50th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre. Humphrey Tyler was the only reporter there when the police opened fire.

Along Durban’s fashion parade

Humphrey Tyler on beach fashion this year: knitted bikinis, ponytails (men only) and bicycles.

How to be a South African

The mind boggles at the sometimes extra- ordinary advice South Africa's so-called whites are being given about how to make it in the New South Africa. There have been caring suggestions even from a highly paid senior academic (well, he is employed at a university) from KwaZulu-Natal.

Culture boffins head for the hills

Humphrey Tyler Popcorn, Crashing the Night and Glass Roots started off as the quickest sellers for this weekend's Hilton Arts Festival but people...

Sharpeville: By the only reporter who was there

Three decades ago this week, police opened fire on an unarmed crowd in a small Vaal township.

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