Ian Black

Egypt ushers in ‘second republic’

Voters have gone to the polls to elect a president after the uprising that ended Hosni Mubarak's rule. But doubts remain about Egypt's future.

Small-town force vs Syrian army

Just 30 kilometres from Damascus a village holds onto a fragile liberty, writes <b>Ian Black</b>.

‘Hundreds of children’ slain by Syrian forces, says UN

Forces loyal to Syria's President al-Assad have committed crimes against humanity during the revolt, including killing over 256 children, the UN says.

Egypt: ‘Horrific crimes’ must be punished

Amid a crackdown, Egyptian armed forces make concessions on the timing of elections.

What next for Libya and the West?

With calls for his transfer to the International Criminal Court, Saif's treatment will be an important test for Libya's changing profile.

Desert claims ‘king of kings’

The belated finale for Muammar Gaddafi began on a marble slab in a car park and ended with a lonely burial in the desert.

Tunisia embraces pragmatic Islam

Flanked by the flags of Tunisia and his Islamist party, Rachid Ghannouchi, known by followers as "the Sheikh", is ­avuncular and professorial.

Warrants for Gaddafi and son

Prospects for a negotiated solution to the Libyan crisis receded further after the ICC issued arrest warrants for Muammar Gaddafi and his son.

EU mulls sanctions against Syria

European Union states are discussing imposing sanctions on Syria if the regime continues its violent suppression of pro-democracy protests.

Tripoli citizens seem unfazed by nightly ‘boom-boom’

East of the centre of Tripoli, crowds of Libyans are gathering to see first-hand evidence of the impact of the "colonialist crusader aggression".

Gadaffi ‘holed up in his headquarters’

Moammar Gadaffi was looking increasingly isolated after damaging defections by senior regime figures and key military commanders and units.

Shockwaves reach Jordan

Jordan's opposition Islamic Action Front attacked King Abdullah's appointment of a new prime minister as “inappropriate”.

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