Idowu Omoyele

Tribute: David Lacey, the greatest football correspondent ever to write in English

David Lacey, who died earlier this month at age 83, leaves an imposing legacy: his writing is the standard by which every football journalist will forever be judged

Abdulrazak Gurnah: Nobel prize honours a self-effacing and unassuming talent

Not many knew of the unheralded Zanzibari author who has steadily produced 10 novels

Review: Biodun Olumuyiwa’s ‘In a Journey of Dreams’ is both timely and timeless

Biodun Olumuyiwa has been writing since the late 1980s, but has only recently published his debut poetry collection

Garuba finds his ‘port of death’

One of Nigeria’s greatest poets has died. ‘I sing for you brother, teacher, poet, prophet’

Transformation began 50 years ago

The first bid to place Africa at the heart of literary studies took place in Kenya

Things Fall Apart turns 60

The classic novel by Chinua Achebe, and how it came to be, are legendary African tales

‘For 30 years, I kept running’

Harry Garuba wrote his first collection of poems in 1982. It’s taken him 35 years to do a second

Vile stain of racism taints the US

It’s not surprising that the country has still not 
rid itself of its violent and racial bigotry

Another Nigerian star emerges

Ayòbámi Adébáyò summons Yoruba folklore and a longstanding literary tradition in her debut novel

Toni Morrison’s Beloved, 30 years later

With her intricate writing of physical suffering and supernatural torment, Toni Morrison vividly paints the pain of slavery

Post-colonial universities are trapped by their past

Mamdani looks at the history and ideologies that have shaped African universities and points to Afrikaans as an example of successful decolonisation

Cry, Nigeria, my beloved country

That a country so blessed with abundance can so cruelly betray its poor and vulnerable is nothing short of a tragedy

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