Iman Rappetti

Iman Rappetti: Saving your tears doesn’t save you

We are so adept at bottling our emotions and storing them that we ignore the implications.

Iman Rappetti: The seasonal yearning for a ritual of a religious exile

My spiritual home is no longer Christianity and Islam but I miss the soundtrack and rites of my former beliefs

OPINION | The catalytic prospects of hopelessness

Perhaps if we stop cleaving to hope and choose our dissatisfaction; realise the awful truth that the only saviour is individual and collective agency, then a different outcome can be achieved

Are you being treated as a high value individual?

If not, it’s time you put some boundaries in place

Loneliness: A chain that melts the blood inside veins

An unknown woman’s death, alone and far away, inspires Iman Rappetti to sing her own confessional song, a cri de coeur for connection

Small businesses must be proactive in their tax affairs

There are numerous means by which errant taxpayers can start the new year on a clean slate

On, er, motherhood

Oh, to have 18 arms and be self-contained!

​Starved of a soft place to land

‘Friday’ profiles different styles of writing – this time by a popular media personality who explores two kinds of hunger

Grandmother, mother, martyr

My grandmother made do instead of making the most of, and my mother was a martyr.

On our ill-conceived normality: An ode to ‘the mad ones’​

In the words of Edgar Allan Poe: “Men have called me mad, but the question is not settled whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence …

The fatwa versus the fools

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. To many the bearded cleric is a menacing symbol of militant Shi'ite Islam. But to millions of his admirers, both inside and outside Iran, he is the hero of one of the world's last great revolutions. A decisive de facto grass-roots revolt in 1979 that unseated Shah Reza Pahlavi and brought to an end a self-indulgent regime.

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