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Austerity vote rallies Greek masses on strike day two

Day two of protests in Greece have seen demonstrators march to Parliament against austerity measures required by the IMF and the European Union.

Lenders give lukewarm approval to Greek aid tranche

Troika inspectors gave a lukewarm approval for a vital aid tranche to Greece, saying Athens was lagging on reforms needed to exit its debt crisis.

Greece pressed to shrink state and avoid default

International lenders told Greece it must shrink its public sector to avoid running out of money within weeks as investors dumped eurozone assets.

Greece opens Acropolis Museum, wants marbles back

Greece inaugurated its Acropolis Museum on Saturday with the prime minister calling for the Classical Parthenon marbles to be repatriated.

Fuel prices hit chaotic West African travel

Chaotic transport is a part of life in West Africa, but getting to work has become harder as rocketing fuel prices ignite protests by bus drivers.

Push for UN monitors in Zimbabwe

The United States and European Union plan a joint call for United Nations monitors to be sent to Zimbabwe after a human rights group alleged systematic government murder and brutality.

EU to fingerprint foreigners to beef up borders

The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday a plan to fingerprint all foreigners visiting 24 European countries. The electronic register, similar to a policy adopted by the United States after the September 11 2001 attacks could go into effect by 2015 if governments and European lawmakers agree, the European Union executive said.

Relief as EU leaders strike treaty deal

European Union leaders voiced relief at clinching a deal on Friday on a treaty to reform the 27-nation bloc's institutions, replacing a defunct constitution and ending a two-year crisis of confidence in Europe's future. ''It's an important page in the history of Europe,'' Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates said on arriving to chair the second day of an EU summit.

Bar Mugabe from EU-Africa meet, say Nordic countries

Sweden and Finland on Thursday called for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to be excluded from a European Union-Africa summit in December but left open whether they would join a British boycott if he showed up. Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen also said he had not decided whether to attend the summit in Lisbon if Mugabe came.

Commonwealth: EU should invite Mugabe to summit

The European Union (EU) should invite Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to a planned summit with Africa because barring him would jeopardise relations between Africa and Europe, the Commonwealth's secretary general said. The EU and Africa want to hold their first summit in seven years early December in Portugal.

Poverty tourism brings cash to SA townships

Seeing buses full of tourists looking for a glimpse of South African poverty, squatter camp resident Lawrence Rolomana decided to try to earn a share of the cash they were spending. Bored and jobless, the 22-year-old approached the tour guides and asked: ''Can you please share your guests with us?''

South Africa divided over Vlok trial

As senior apartheid-era security officials go to court on Friday, South Africans are divided over whether it will help reveal the truth and reconcile the nation, or reopen the wounds of the nation's racial divide.

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