Isabelle Ligner
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/ 11 October 2006

DRC patients dying before drugs arrive

At an HIV/Aids treatment centre in Goma, doctor Nino Minani is still haunted by the despairing cry of a dying patient. ”’You’ll drink the ARV [antiretrovirals] yourselves, because I’ll already be dead by the time they arrive’,” Minani recalled of the woman’s remarks. ”She kept telling us,’you’re waiting for us to die to give us treatment’.”

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/ 27 September 2006

The misery of DRC’s child prostitutes

Even though she is just a child, 16-year-old Revoli has had to grow up fast, following her friends, neighbours and relatives into a life of prostitution. "I wanted to have money like they had," said Revoli. "Now I regret it, but I have no other choice." Selling her body, she says, is among the few options for making a living available for women in poorer neighbourhoods of Goma.