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/ 5 June 2008

The curse of African nationalism

The government’s knee-jerk reaction to the pogroms that swept across the country speaks volumes to the politics of African nationalism. We were told they were ”criminal” acts in the service of a ”third force” agenda. This last term has a particular saliency in the South African context, writes Ivor Chipkin.

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/ 16 September 2006

In SA, friendship has become dangerously unfriendly

There is a tendency in South Africa to think that the future is dependent on what happens in the political domain. We debate the prospects of long-term political stability and economic growth as a question of the future of the tripartite alliance, economic policy and globalisation. This is all very important. Yet it draws attention away from an area of South African society that may be equally important.

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/ 11 November 2005

Is SA burning in Paris?

Is there growing scepticism in the world about the very possibility of contemporary South Africa — a unitary state composed of peoples who have nothing in common except that they live in the same territory? Is the cosmopolitan project in -crisis? This is how the burning Paris hinterland is interpreted — the consequence of trying to integrate diverse cultures and religions in a single polity.

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/ 1 September 2004

Overcoming prejudices

Recently, Jewish Voices South Africa and the Palestinian Solidarity Committee organised a joint placard demonstration. The protest was a festive and peaceful affair that attracted people from diverse organisations and walks of life. Our joint action, the first between a Jewish organisation with established roots in the Jewish community and a Palestinian solidarity movement, was motivated by several imperatives.