Jack Schofield
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/ 19 April 2007

Let sleeping Oggs lie

Last week’s feature about the possible future of audio file formats attracted much feedback — which is odd, because most people don’t really care which ones they use, and may not even know what they are. But it turns out there’s a handful of open-source evangelists who think you should use Ogg or Ogg Vorbis.

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/ 23 March 2006

Pen-based computers could still get the thumbs down

For its CeBIT trade show press conference this month, Microsoft said it had scheduled 30 seconds for its Ultra Mobile PC announcement, known as Origami. The company didn’t know that Digital Kitchen had left an old concept video online, nor that bloggers would find it. The result was that the project attracted far more hype than intended — and, naturally, failed to live up to it.

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/ 9 February 2006

A sharp increase in the value of paying attention

In the early days of the web, sites measured attention by the number of hits they attracted. Today, companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon and eBay are interested in collecting much more specific data. The things to which you pay attention — what you search for, the products you look at, the ads you click, what you buy — provide a picture of who you are.