Jairam Reddy

South Africa must flatten the inequality curve

We cannot return to the pre-coronavirus crisis of unemployment, inequality and poverty. There is a moral incentive for the rich to give up some of their wealth and for the salaries of top earning civil servants, employees at state-owned entities and in the private sector to be cut

VCs: Set a trend for moderate pay

By accepting more modest remuneration packages, varsity vice-chancellors can send a powerful message to bosses in the corporate and parastatal sectors

South Africa urgently needs ethical leaders

Values of integrity, honesty and respect lose out to assertive, manipulative, controlling achievers

Varsity councils need upgrading

All post-1994 ministers have had to deploy administrators to shore up troubled universities.

Leading us to moral leaders

Universities must show the way in developing a new cadre of leaders with a heightened sense of ethics.

Linchpin for skills

The FET sector can provide crucial expertise and knowledge for many in the informal economy, writes Jairam Reddy.

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