James Randerson
Guest Author
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/ 7 April 2008

Vision of tomorrow today

One of the world’s most distinguished physicists has scrutinised some science-fiction concepts, such as teleportation and forcefields, and is convinced that they can become reality. Professor Michio Kaku, of City University in New York, believes invisibility cloaks and tele­pathy could be possible this century.

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/ 16 October 2007

Elephants wary of buzzing bees

It might seem the epitome of a David versus Goliath mismatch — up to 12 tonnes of heavily armoured mammal flesh versus a few hundred milligrams of irritating insect — but despite their thick skins and size advantage, elephants turn tail and flee at the sound of a swarm of bees, according to research in Kenya.

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/ 20 August 2007

Older climbers more likely to die on Everest

For the retired businessman bored with zero gravity flights, heli- skiing, flying ex-military Russian Mig fighter jets and swimming with sharks, climbing Everest can be the perfect next date on the adventure calendar. But research on more than 2 000 expeditions to the world’s highest peak has shown that older climbers are more likely to fail and more likely to die on the mountain.

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/ 27 July 2007

Research clears cellphone masts

Cellphone masts do not cause harmful short-term health effects, according to a study of people who say they experience symptoms when they are close to them. The study dealt another blow to the notion that low-level electromagnetic fields from cellphones or base stations are dangerous.